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Mother, mother can't you see, something's wrong inside of me
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Thursday, March 15th, 2012
5:54 pm
kiss nail dress
I was lucky enough to recieve a love voxbox from influenster.com and it contained kiss nail dress polish strips.  I have never used any nail art before and was excited to try it.  It was fantastic!  I can't wait to experiment with more styles!

Everyone should check out influenster.com for chances to try awesome products for free!
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
7:31 am
I have finally felt the psychological sting of being removed from the "friends" list of someone I considered a "friend". Yes, yes, I know I rarely (ok, never) make journal entries anymore...but that is beside the point. I never expected to be removed from certain individuals lists...I find it a bit hurtful. This is not to say I have never used this powerful weapon against people before, I just never thought I would have to taste my own medicine. It is bitter medicine indeed.

Ok, life update: I have finally left my god-forsaken job and am currently unemployed and LOVING it. I had spent the previous 19 years of my life working constantly with never more than two weeks off at a time - but I have been home for two months now and am not looking forward to re-entering the working world. I think it is a horrible injustice that I will ever have to leave my home again, I could quite happily slip into the life of a shut in. Unfortunately it is inevitable that one of the multitudes of employers I have submitted resumes to will eventually call me, thus shattering the fantasyland in which I presently reside.

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
2:52 pm
I recieved a package and card in the mail yesterday (Thank you Helene) and it suddenly struck me...I am going to turn 35 in about a week and a half...good grief.

35? Why is this happening to me? I am thinking this may be the age where my eccentricity loses its cuteness. Yikes.

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
5:34 am
My best friend's a butcher, he has sixteen knives...
Inspired by the Interpol song, I set off to the butcher's insearch of a new best friend. Having never actually shopped at a butcher's, I was very curious....a shop, entirely stocked with carcasses...hmmm...what could be better. It was interesting. Not quite as interesting as the sad-aquarium experience that I find the fish place at the Pike Place market to be, but still. The butchers were all men in their mid to late twenties, which surprized me...I was expecting, ofcourse, Sam from the Brady Bunch. I left the butcher's with a pound of garlic sausage, a pound of country pepper bacon, and the phone number of Max, a cleaver wielding wonder.

But all I can think about now is a book called The Butcher Boy, by Patrick McCabe....oh Francie...

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
3:00 pm
Welcome to Wellsville!
The first season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete was released on DVD this week! hurray!!! I never have to leave the land of perpetually broken arms, super heroes, and glandular disorders ever ever again.

Current Mood: ecstatic
11:45 am
Pocky Power!

You Are Reverse Pocky

Your attitude: rebellious and clever
Non-conformist, but curiously a trendsetter
With you, up is down... and it's a wild ride!

Current Mood: bored
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
7:31 am
Move over Paul Giamatti....
There is a new man in town and he is just as miserable-looking, but 1,000,000 times sexier. I am now in love with Billy Bob Thornton. I watched Bad Santa last night. I love Billy Bob Thortnon, king of all miserable-looking men. There shall be no other.
Monday, April 4th, 2005
11:22 am
Will I ever learn to just appreciate
what I have?

Just as I was lamenting about the lack of romance in my life - my f'ing boyfriend got f'ing FIRED. That's right - FIRED.

He may not have been the most thoughtful, caring, or adoring man on Earth, but atleast until about two hours ago he had an f'ing job.


Current Mood: indescribable
8:16 am
Does romance exist?
Does anyone out there have a romantic story to share? Let me live vicariously through you, please.

That would start my week out on a more hopeful note and it would be much appreciated.

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
9:43 am
It is so true...
You are the mystery woman

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, March 21st, 2005
11:32 am
17 weeks....
It has been 17 weeks since I posted an entry in my livejournal. 17 weeks. What have I done over the last few months? I have been fortunate enough to spend some time getting to know a brilliant, funny, handsome man. I have been unfortunate enough to learn way too much about feline anal glands. I have neither met or married Paul Giamatti. I haven't made any life or career altering decisions.

Last night I watched the film I Heart Huckabees. Let me caution any Jude Law lovers out there - this film does what I thought to be impossible - this film makes Jude Law unappealing. If only some critic would have mentioned that in their reviews...if only I had known...

It will take me time to recover from this.

Ladies and Gentlemen - learn from my mistakes. I am not saying you shouldn't view this movie. I am simply saying Jude Law is unappealing in this film and you should do what you can to mentally prepare yourselves for that in advance. I was not prepared.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, November 19th, 2004
7:30 am
obviously I am going to need some phone numbers...
Love and Sex With Your Friends by dannygrl0129
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Will break your heart:shmooshu
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
7:54 am
Wednesday, not nearly as offensive as Tuesday
I am returning three movies to Netflix today and have approximately 24 hours to select three new ones to be sent to me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am returning:

Saved, which was pretty good. I was expecting more somehow. I love Jena Malone, and with Macaulay Culkin on board I was sure we had ourselves a winner. It is odd that Macaulay Culkin played a crippled highschool student exactly the same way he played a drugged out homosexual club kid...it's really not too late to take some acting classes Mac. I guess I should be glad you aren't still slapping your face and shrieking? Anyway, it is worth a rent.

The Punisher, which was exactly what I expected. Entertaining and stupid. Fun. If you notice a man who is constantly taking off his shirt, beware, it is very likely he is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his family. Do not get in his way, you have been warned.

Van Helsing. I don't even know what to say about this movie. I could barely stand to watch it. Hugh Jackman should ONLY be allowed to play Wolverine. I don't ever want to see him again unless it is an Xmen movie. I implore you, stay as far way from this movie as you possibly can.

In other news, I slammed my thumb in a cabinet door, resulting in a huge blood blister that takes up most of my thumb's surface. This has divided everyone I know into two camps - the "lance it"s and the "leave it"s. I have never had a blood blister and I have no idea how to handle this situation. Any words of advice?

Current Mood: apathetic
Friday, November 12th, 2004
11:26 am
Little Britian
Does anyone out there watch "Little Britian"? I am madly in love with that show. I LOVE Matt Lucas. Paul Giamatti is so lucky that Matt Lucas is gay, otherwise he could have bumped him from the top of my list of miserable looking men to pursue.
Monday, November 8th, 2004
7:07 am
Good Morning! I hate you MONDAY.
Good Grief, so begins another week. I hope everyone in Livejournal land had lovely weekends. The only thing I wanted to do was lie perfect still in bed and sadly that is the one thing I was incapable of. I blame the Stacker3 metablolizing fat burner pills I started taking. God Bless their proprietary blend and tri-guarcinia complex. I don't know if my fat is being burned, but for the first time in four months I am producing body heat. Yee-haw, I may survive the winter!
Nothing too notable happened this weekend. Went shopping in Fremont with my friend Kim. I love Fremont, such cute shops. Was told by the fourth independent person that I look like Catherine Zeta Jones. I do not look like Catherine Zeta Jones. I do not find Catherin Zeta Jones attractive. Anyone out there reading this who thinks telling me that is a sure fire way to flatter me, please resist the temptation. If you want to flatter me - tell me I look like Juliana Margulies, now that would be something. Or, how about Julianne Moore. See, there are wonderfully beautiful actresses out there that I look nothing like - let's try lying to me about one of them. Don't get me wrong, it is super sweet to compliment people, but come on folks - I have seen me. And, although I do tend to only see an idealized version of myself, I am not completely delusional.
Eek, I think I may be a bit bitchy today. Well world, please accept my apologies in advance.
Friday, November 5th, 2004
11:57 am
I love Paul Giamatti
I recently saw "American Splendor" and I just had to get that off my chest. I love Paul Giamatti. I want to marry him and have a million miserable-looking babies.
7:27 am
Friday...it's been a long time coming...
Yay! Friday is here - hurray! This has been a very interesting week and I must say I am not sad to see it come to a close. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this place to vent ~ I would have to contemplate therapy more seriously...eek.
I alwasy find it very interesting when Dreamline posts the cds she is currently listening to - so I am going to be a copycat and post a list of what is on rotation in my world these days.

1) Delays - Faded Seaside Glamour If you haven't rushed right out and purchased a copy yet, you are hurting yourselves and wasting your lives. When you finally do get a copy you will know true listening pleasure, don't get your heart set on marrying Greg Gilbert though - he will be mine.

2)Violent Femmes - Why Do Birds Sing? Does anybody out there own this album? It isn't new music, but almost nothing I listen to is. This album RULES. I highly recommend purchasing it if you don't already have it in your collection. Skip right to "Out the WIndow" and then listen to "Hey Nonny Nonny" and then "Girl Trouble". The whole thing is fabulous, those are my favorites. I'm listening to it right now as a matter of fact.

3)They Might Be Giants - Flood Really, what can be said...this album is WONDERFUL.

4)Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream I can not recommend this album highly enough. I love it and I feel confident that many of you will as well.

5)The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs Wonderful from start to finish, finer listening can not be found.

6)The Smiths - Meat Is Murder "What she said, how come someone hasn't noticed that I'm dead and decided to bury me? God knows I'm ready, la, la, la, da, da" Need I say more?

7) Dead Milkmen - Metaphysical Graffiti Please tell me someone out there is a Dead Milkmen fan.

8) Faithless - Reverance Really I listen to this album for only one song -Insomnia. I love that song - LOVE it.

Ok, so I have very ecclectic taste in music. This week all of the above albums have pretty much had equal time in my cd player. Now, everybody go out and buy the Delays album, ok? If they do not find success in America I may never get to meet and marry Greg Gilbert. Support my cause!
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
7:05 am
F-ing F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I realize this is a f-ing public f-ing journal, but I really felt secure that there was a certain amount of anonymity. I have written a few things that I may not have wanted a few people in my life to read - especially if I expressly asked them not read it. It doesn't seem like that is such an f-ing huge thing to ask. One person in particular, I told him I didn't want him reading it and I refused to give him my user name. I thought he would f-ing respect that. BUT, not only did the f-ing bastard somehow figure out my f-ing username - he f-ing had the audacity to f-ing comment in my f-ing journal. What the F?????? What the f-ing F???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!

I really want to f-ing jump off an f-ing cliff now.
Monday, October 11th, 2004
7:38 am
How soon is now...ok, well, how soon is 6pm tonight???
6pm tonight on VH1 Classics they will be showing and interview with Johnny Marr and SMITHS videos!!!!! YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!! This morning whilst switching channels in a fit of work preparation procrastination I came across "Shoplifters of the World" and then they showed "How Soon Is Now" and I was in HEAVEN...it has been SO LONG since I have seen a Smiths video!!! Imagine my delight when they said they would be doing the whole thing over tonight at 6!!! Hurray!!! So everyone - tonight, VH1 Classics, 6pm - for God's sake, do not miss it.

Current Mood: full o' Smiths love
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
7:28 pm
On a brighter note - the Fiery Furnaces are going to be at the Crocodile Cafe on Tuesday! Does anybody besides myself like them? If you've heard their song "Single Again" you would have no choice but to love them.

Current Mood: mellow
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